The journey to the future of forty days

Be one of the 100 young people who will travel to the future from November 22 to December 19, 2021.

100 crew members will be selected for an ambitious journey to the future. Forty days to learn how to imagine new futures, to design interesting projects with other crew members, to share reflections, to listen to inspirational future speakers … and much more.

It will be a mainly online experience where you will learn to develop high-impact projects, and learn to read upcoming trends in order to imagine solutions and develop prototypes. You will be part of a community of active young people who lead change, you will learn how to put your ideas into practice, and you will have a team to carry out new missions among many other surprises.


Do I need to know anything to be able to sign up?
No, you don’t, your enthusiasm is all you need.
Will I be able to combine it with my studies/job?
Yes, you will, although this journey will also require time and affection on your part.
How do you request a seat on the ship of the future?

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