Who we are

The Future Game exists to unleash the power of young people to imagine positive futures and activate collective initiatives through an entertaining learning experience.

It is an initiative launched by DOT S. Coop that works to create a new scenario in which young people can “decide on the future that they want to imagine and live in”. We believe in the transformational power of the imagination and in the activating power of communities.



Basque and Social Innovation. A secure experimentation space for anyone who wants to revitalise minority languages and achieve equality among speakers.


Euskal Irrati Telebista. Basque Autonomous Community public media group


The home of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). A social innovation centre in Bilbao to address and solve the challenges of Agenda 2030.

Driving team


DOT Coop is an innovation agency based in Bilbao, Donostia and Madrid. Focused on strategic design and on designing products and services with the focus on social innovation. Experts in changemaker education and future prospects, we like to open channels that welcome the New Age.


The platform that boosts participation in all areas of our lives and revitalises participative processes of collaborative governance


He is a researcher at Deusto University with a PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the Complutense University. He is currently co-head of the Social DeustoBarometro. His career has been closely linked to methodological innovation to meet the various challenges in applied research in the field of public opinion, the quality of democracy and decentralisation.